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Meet your Rectora for
SC VdC Co-ed #21


Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, and ugly truths. It’s all filled with a major comeback, peace in my soul, and Grace that saved my life.

I’m Lora Ullery and I worship at St. Paul Lutheran Church in beautiful historic Aiken with my husband Jim, our oldest grandson, and my Mom who celebrated her 90th birthday in January.

Jim and I have a blended family that includes our son, Jason, who will be a part of our team, and two daughters, Joye and Katelyn. We have three incredibly beautiful grandsons, Braxtyn is 13, Jameson is 7, and Kannon who is 6. The boys are our everything and keep us entertained and on the go. Our Chihuahua, Piper, and two cats, Rory and Sergio, complete our family. Family is very important to us and with Jason in Alabama and Joye in Charleston, we have become very creative with vacations and holidays.

I made my weekend in the Spring of 2015 at South Carolina Via de Cristo Women’s #30 where I sat with our friend Michelle at the table of Naomi.

Before retiring, my career was spent in healthcare, which may explain my desire to serve others and to treat everyone with the utmost respect and kindness.

“For whoever does the will of my Father in Heaven is my brother and sister and mother. “ Matthew 12:48-50. God calls us to be brothers and sisters in Christ, by loving each other as we love ourself, by working together to do good works among the Community around us and to work together to become His disciples. This is the heart and spirit of Via de Cristo. I am so excited for our upcoming Coed #21 Spring weekend May 2-5, 2024. This 72 hour spiritual renewal will change you, you will view your relationship with God differently, and how to move forward in your journey with Jesus Christ. Every team member is an essential and vital servant of God. I graciously will serve as your Rectora for the upcoming weekend.

Our Head Spiritual Director for the Spring weekend is Pastor Patti Sue Burton-Pye. We also welcome Pastor Roy Butler and Pastor Jim Glander as Spiritual Directors. I have two beautiful servants of Christ who will be sharing the responsibilities of Head Chas, they are Sharon Crout and Jim Ullery.

Whether you have made a weekend and want to serve or you are new to Via de Cristo and want to experience the weekend, this will be the one to attend.

I wish I could bottle up the excitement and love that is felt around the camp during a spiritual renewal weekend. If I could, you would understand the happiness, new outlooks, enjoyment and love of Jesus Christ in the Via de Cristo Community. I encourage everyone to attend this awesome, indescribable 72 hour opportunity!

Via de Cristo has changed my life and my personal relationship with Christ. Come, follow Christ during this special journey and see where it will take you.

Remember, My Beautiful Friends, God Loves You and So Do I!!

Lora Ullery